Win cool prizes with your winning Ice Land scratch card

Your love for scratch off cards as well as cool online games set in icy surroundings can really bear fruit when you win cool prizes with your winning Ice Land scratch card. This online scratch card game combines the workings of scratch off tickets as well as slot machines to provide huge winnings within just a few moments of hitting the Spin button.

Order the Scratch Ticket Now and Get The Bonus

This thrilling online scratch game will take you to the freezing country of Iceland and the stunning display might just convince you to wear your coat while playing. You will surely admire the white snow-filled field in the background even as the foreground displays 5 reels or columns and 3 rows of adorable creatures of Iceland including penguins, moose, rabbits, polar bears, and even cute Eskimos. You will also observe 9 lines on the sides of the screen and you can play on all 9 lines if you wish to boost your chances of winning humongous amounts of money including the cool 200,000 Pound jackpot prize.

You can simply log on to top-quality websites such as primescratchcards and scratch2cash where you can register for free as well as receive juicy opening bonuses that will turn into a few free online scratch cards to take you through the initial few games of Ice Land scratch. All you need to do to know your fortune is to choose the amount that you wish to bet along with the number of lines and then click on Spin. The adorable characters will now rotate just like a slot machine before halting in a particular pattern. If the characters simply line up in a winning pattern then you will see your winnings getting added into your account at the bottom of the screen and if you are really lucky then you could truly lay your hands on a cold pile of virtual cash that could total up to a cool 200,000 Pounds.

If you want to play on all 9 lines then you can simply choose the Max Bet button and if you just want to sit back rubbing your hands for warmth as the computer plays on your behalf then you can click on the Autoplay button. Ice Land scratch will provide you with instant results just like slot machines and scratch n win cards that will encourage you to keep on playing. Playing Ice Land is much better than actually scratching paper scratch out tickets that require trees to be cut down as well as physical visits to stores to buy those tickets. This exhilarating online game is also much better than buying lotteries where you would need to anxiously bite your nails for nights on end before the results are announced. Instead, you can simply click into secure websites such as prime scratchcards and scratch 2 cash, and start out playing with your starting bonus even as you happily try to win the huge jackpot prize.

If you want to play an online game that has merged a cool country along with the convenience of slots and scratch cards then you should look no further than the Ice Land game. If you truly hold the virtual rich for life scratch card in your hand then you could surely win cool prizes with your winning Ice Land scratch card.